Cuvantul Liber: IntegralEdu in Targu-Mures

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Cuvantul Liber: IntegralEdu in Targu-Mures

IntegralEdu, one of the leading educational consultants in Romania for studies abroad, organized a national tour. A few days ago, they made a stop in Targu-Mures as well, during which Alexandra Piha, IntegralEdu representative, answered the questions addressed on the occasion of this event.


What is the purpose of this event?

INTEGRAL group of companies has over 24 years experience in advising students, parents and anyone interested in choosing the best educational programs and educational institutions abroad, boarding schools, high schools, language centres and universities. Present in Romania since 2008, IntegralEdu is the largest educational consulting company in the region and represents over 500 leading educational institutions worldwide. IntegralEdu organizes fairs and provides educational consultations for studies abroad, and also Top Education Tour and the World Education Fair during which pupils, students and their parents have the opportunity to meet representatives of schools and prestigious universities worldwide.


Who should attend these events?

Events organized by IntegralEdu address all families, students and young professionals who want to be properly informed about the possibilities of studies and development abroad, who want to properly prepare for their future studies. At the same time, these events are an excellent opportunity to become familiar with all the options you have and get to know all services provided by IntegralEdu, specifically that they can discuss with us about everything related to international education and career guidance.


Why Targu-Mures?

We try to come closer to families in Romania, especially as there are talented young people all across the country with a huge potential, with a permanend desire to know and develop. The largest events dedicated to studying abroad is organized in two editions per year, World Education Fair, usually in the cities where we have offices, specifically in Bucharest, Constanta, Craiova, Iasi, Galati and Timisoara. With Top Education Tour we wanted to get to the families of Brasov, Targu-Mures and Cluj.


Is this the first time the event is organized in Targu-Mures?

Yes, it is the first time for this event in Targu-Mures and we enjoyed a warm reception and such high interest. We will stand by the people of Mures county and we will come up with such events more often. Also, you can benefit from our educational consulting services anywhere in Romania. We work with families from absolutely all over the country.


What is the program of the event?

Along with our international partners, be it elite high schools, language centers or universities, a series of presentations and work-shops are held, which want to show what they are can study / the educational and professional development abroad, what they should do if they want to continue their studies abroad, what are the conditions of study and living in the campuses of these institutions, in general ... everything a family or youngsters need to know when thinking about studies and a future career.

Individual discussions are encouraged with representatives of these institutions, who come especially for it in Romania. Afterwards, we keep in touch with interested families together and start the process of preparation, implementation and thereafter starting to study.

Educational consulting services that we offer are free for all partner educational institutions we represent in Romania.


What are the most sought after domains?

In terms of EduCamps, they are the most varied, but most choose academic preparation camps and sports and leisure activities in schools and campuses of major universities around the world. Thus, the can test the international study environment, improve their foreign language knowledge, prepare for a particular field they want to follow and, last but not least, have fun and make friends around the world.

If we talk about the most focused on areas in university they are: business, engineering, ICT, marketing and communication. But also very popular are the fields which are not included in the Romanian curricula and for which the industry and the labor market today require more and more professionals.

As for secondary education, educational programs and facilities offered by independent schools are extremely varied, with the aim to develop students both personally as well as academically, so they can maximize your chances of being accepted to top universities. Also, students are prepared to face a challenging and dynamic world.


What are the most sought after countries?

Most are heading for the UK, which is renowned for the quality of education, the possibilities after graduation, but also due to the advantage of the English language. It is not a rule but, with many applicants in countries like Switzerland, Holland, Germany, France, Denmark, Canada - this, if we talk about high school and university.

In terms of camps abroad, they are the most varied destinations including the above, and the US, Spain, Italy, Austria, Malta, Monaco and many others.


What do you think, will the Brexit affect the tuition process, both now and in the future, of thousands of foreign students?

The British government confirmed forecasts according to which EU students will continue to benefit from government support through student loans for the year 2017-2018, thus reinforcing our expectations.

EU students applying for the academic year 2017-2018 in the UK will still have access to student loans covering tuition fees. Thus, European students who submitted files for admission to a British university in the academic year 2017-2018 will continue to be eligible for student loans and scholarships for the duration of their studies.

The decision will be taken in support of universities and colleges in the UK and will definitely give future students regarding accessing Loan granting conditions remaining unchanged whether or not Britain leaves the European Union.

In terms of what will follow after negotiations unfortunately now we can not say. We are constantly in contact with all our international partners and permanently informed about everything. Both them and us feel optimistic about the future of education and the conditions by which it will be available for international youth.


When will you be returning to Targu-Mures?

Hopefully as soon as next year. We will gladly keep you updated and we would love to see you again.


Where will the following events will take place?

World Education Fair will take place in Bucharest, Craiova and Constanta, between 18 and February 23, 2017, where they will attend more than 50 international partners, representatives of high schools, language centers and universities abroad.



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