Pedagoteca: What having a real career in a 5 star hotel means and how you can become a master of hospitality

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Pedagoteca: What having a real career in a 5 star hotel means and how you can become a master of hospitality

Every year, the number of young Romanians that choose to prepare themselves abroad at an academic level for the hospitality industry grows by 10%. 2015 has been a key moment when Romanians have turned towards studies in this field, and the country that interested them the most is Switzerland, followed by the Netherlands and the UK, according to IntegralEdu. 

Switzerland is internationally renowned as the country which exports the most sought after professionals in the hospitality industry, being a true launching ramp, whether we are talking of hotel management, hotel design or culinary arts. Statistics show that, at an international level, there are over 112 million employees in this industry, and even though a growing openness can be seen from romanians towards academic studies in this field, for many it is yet unclear what they consist of, what they can do after graduation and how they can get into a Swiss university. Therefore, this year we organized a series of three events where representatives of the most important hospitality university education concern in Switzerland, Swiss Education Group (SEG), are invited." says Catalina Arhire, Senior Consultant at IntegralEdu and representative of Swiss Education Group in Romania. 

In Bucharest, the event is organized by IntegralEdu together with Radisson Blu Hotel and it will be a round table which will unite young Romanians with representatives of the Swiss Education Group Universities representative and hotel managers of the international hotel chain. Participants will be able to find out what is requested from those who wish to work in the hospitality industry, how it works and what each hotel department deals with, and which abilities they will need to develop in order to work in this industry. 

"The events will take place during 3-6 of May 2017 in Bucharest, Galati and Iasi, and among those invited is Tarek Kouatly, regional manager at SEG, who will be present at all three events and will present the academic and professional opportunities the Swiss concern offers. At the end of the meeting in Bucharest, participants will be able to take a tour of the Radisson Blu Hotel and observe in detail what a career at a 5 star hotel means," says Catalina Arhire.


89 % of SEG graduates hold a management position in the first 5 years after graduation

Swiss Education Group (SEG) was founded in 1982 and it comprises five university institutions with a tourism profile, where everything pertaining to the hospitality industry, business and management in this field is studied. Sticking to the Swiss hotel management tradition, all study programs offered by SEG put together academic learning with practical experience and are tailored to satisft the needs of employers in the field. According to data collected by the institution, over 89% of their graduates gold a management/director/owner position in less than five years after graduation. 

SEG Institutions
Swiss Hotel Management School and César Ritz Colleges are specialized in hotel tourism management, the later having its university centres in the region of Brig, Lucerne and Le Bouveret, situated close to Italy and France, respectively. 

Those who will opt for a Bachelor studies starting with September 2017 or February 2018 at the Swiss Hotel Management School will be able to benefit from a lower tuition fee than in previous years, tanks to a Jubilee scholarship, on the occasion of 25 years since the institution was founded. 


Hotel Institute Montreux includes in its studies program the Swiss experience in hotel management, together with the American one. 

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland is another SEG institution which has trained some of the greatest chefs in luxurious restaurants around the world. 

 IHTTI School of Hotel Management in Neuchatel is specialized in hotel design. Here, students will learn what means for the perspective of interior design, technology and luxury brand management. 


Discounts for students whose parents manage hospitality businesses

The Swiss Education Group has partnerships with interhational hotel chains, where students have internships. Also, the educational group offers discounts from the tuition fee for students whose parents manage or own at least one hotel unit or a hospitality business. 

More details about the three events, as well as the registration form can be found on the official website of IntegralEdu, the educational consultant


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