Pedagoteca: Romanian student at Middlesex University London: "Studying in the UK is not an unachievable dream, but a dream that requires information."

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Pedagoteca: Romanian student at Middlesex University London: "Studying in the UK is not an unachievable dream, but a dream that requires information."

April 4, 2017

The series of materials on the motivations and impressions of Romanian students who have chosen to study outside the country continues. This time we talked with Alexandra Gabriela Georgescu, a student of criminology at Middlesex University in London, considered by QS 2013 to be among the best 3.5% universities in the world. See below whi Alexandra chose to study criminology in the UK and how she feels there as a student.

PedagoTeca: What motivated you to go to study abroad?

Alexandra Gabriela Georgescu: I follow a masters program in criminology, this domain exists in Romania only for those who study Law, or psychology, at a lesser gregree. I wanted a faculty that focuses on practice, not just the theoretical part. Thanks to the faculty I follow, I have been able to see the realities of prison, having visits included in the curriculum, and look at a number of cases that have been judged.

PedagoTeca: What do you like most about the UK education system?

Alexandra Gabriela Georgescu: In the UK, the emphasis is placed on seminars and free discussions in class. An hour consists of teaching and free discussion between students and teachers.

PedagoTeca: What does a day look like in a student's life at Middlesex University London?

Alexandra Gabriela Georgescu: I cannot describe a general day of a student. An ordinary day is spent in the library. Whether we have classes that day, or not, the library will always be full of students researching for projects. We do not have classes daily, but individual study is a necessary part of a student's life at Middlesex University.

PedagoTeca: For many Romanians, the idea of ​​going to study outside seems something unrealistic, starting from the idea that you need a lot of money or it's hard. How did you get there, how do you handle everything?

Alexandra Gabriela Georgescu: My parents helped me a lot. And yet, students work part-time, and for those who can not afford accommodation there is a variety of scholarships and loans to apply for. Studying in the UK is not an unachievable dream, but a dream that requires information.

PedagoTeca: What attracted you to the field you chose to study? How does your faculty combine theory with practice?

Alexandra Gabriela Georgescu: I study criminology with judicial psychology. I have always been drawn tp psychology, discovering why people are doing certain actions, and criminology has opened a new vision of the world I live in, understanding the factors that influence people around me.

PedagoTeca: Do you want to go back to Romania after these studies, do you think you can find in your country the professional fulfillment for the field you have prepared for?

Alexandra Gabriela Georgescu: I do not want to come back because research in the field is not very well developed in Romania and the field I want to follow is not available.

PedagoTeca: Middlesex University of London is said to be one of the most "globalized" universities in the UK. How did you integrate yourself into the intercultural "landscape" there? What advice did you give a young Romanian thinking of going to Middlesex?

Alexandra Gabriela Georgescu: My advice is to make as many friends as possible without judging people by culture or religion.


More about Middlesex University in London

The university has campuses located in Dubai, Mauritius, Malta and, obviously, the UK, where young people come from over 140 countries.

The Times and the Sunday Times have ranked in 2015 Middlesex University London second place among the most modern universities in the British capital. As regards to the place it occupies in the respective fields of study, Middlesex has been named in the same year the most modern London state university in the fields of computer science, music, psychology, drama, dance and cinema, and social care.

According to the 2014 employability study, 88% of Middlesex international students were hired or continued their studies 6 months after graduation. The institution is also in the Top 10 UK universities in terms of graduate salary, according to the Parthenon Group 2011.


How to get to Middlesex

More details on how to get to Middlesex University in London: study programs, accommodation, fees, scholarship, etc. You can get from IntegralEdu educational consultant from the Consultant that annually helps over 1,500 young Romanians to reach the objectives of education Anywhere in the world.


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