Portal Invatamant - Study: Do Romanian Students Feel Discriminated Abroad?

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Portal Invatamant - Study: Do Romanian Students Feel Discriminated Abroad?

Conclusion of a study conducted among Romanian students abroad is that they have not ever felt discriminated against during the studies. Almost 90% of young people surveyed say they participt not faced with such situations either currently or in the past. The study was conducted by educational consultant IntegralEdu as a result of the situation caused by Brexit but also socio-political evolution within Europe.

"Young people who come into contact every day and studying outside say that the current socio-political evolution does not affect in any way the social and educational status abroad. Although every day we receive such positive signals from outside our youth, we wanted to specifically evaluate the situation and we started a more detailed research. We wanted to find out how they integrated our students there and 77% of respondents said that they found it difficult to adapt, only 8% saying they found it difficult to adjust, especially because of the people " says Ana Maria Papp, Department Manager Universities abroad IntegralEdu.

IntegralEdu study of participants, 48% were students from the UK, 34% in the Netherlands, 14% in Denmark and 4% in Switzerland. 79% of students who responded to questions IntegralEdu considers that the decision to study is beneficial as a bridge to launch your career. A percentage of 76%, was recorded students who think outside studies helped that experience in life, while 60% say that foreign educational experience is beneficial in terms of academic experience. No respondent stated that this experience would not have been beneficial in one way or another.

"The study confirms a situation of normality that there is now academic in both the UK and in the rest of Europe. Brexit site has created a situation of uncertainty especially in what he regards those who want to go to study in the UK. But all the signals that we have received so far, both from academia, and from there they urged students to a balanced approach to the situation. At least for the next academic year 2016-2017 the situation will not change in any way in terms of study programs and the eligibility of European students in the UK. Probably even after this period will not be major changes, and the signal most clearly is the fact that the most important universities in the UK and Europe come to Bucharest in September in even greater numbers to present their programs educational young Romanians, whether we are talking about secondary education, high school, undergraduate, graduate or training and development, "says IntegralEdu consultants.

In September 24-25, educational institutions abroad will attend the World Education Fair, the most important educational fair this autumn, which will take place at Athenee Palace Hilton. After the young in Bucharest will present educational opportunities abroad, representatives of universities will start the Iasi, Constanta, Craiova and Galati. Session discussion with youth from Timisoara will take place on September 23, before the fair in Bucharest.


News of the fall edition of the World Education Fair

Under the concept of Education 360⁰, the event offers an integrated consultancy for international studies, youth and professionals from 5 to 65 years, including all the educational programs, training and training for every age and for all fields of study available in the world.

Enrolment in place at Cambridge Examination Pretesting sessions for IELTS - for young people who want to test their language skills and prepare for exams properly. Pretesting are free and are the subjects received official from Cambridge, being sent back for correction in Cambridge.
Book Launch of Cambridge Occupational Analysts, especially for young concerned about their future studies and how to choose them properly for their careers. IntegralEdu is authorized and exclusive representative in Romania testing professional guidance provided by COA. Also, in the event, Centigrade orientation tests will be offered at a special price.


Karting camp in Italy - unique project that includes both activities that develop the physical side of children, and
personal development activities, developed by Constantin Raileanu, multiple national champion karting graduate school of pilotage Filierre FFSA, Le Mans, France and participant in single-seater racing and touring internationally. IntegralEdu aims each year to bring each new performance a sports program and support young Romanians who practice sport in Romania and abroad.

Individual and group camps - more than 300 variants EduTabere abroad either study abroad or preparation for certification exams linguistic or artistic, with sports or relaxation. During the event, group camps will benefit from preferential prices on enrollment.

New high school curricula, undergraduate, master's and MBA programs in countries such as Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Canada - most have scholarships and student loans available.

Among educational institutions from abroad who will attend the World Education Fair, there are: City University of London, Richmond The American International University in London, Oxford Brookes University, London South Bank University, Lancaster University, Swiss Education Group, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Coventry University, University of Westminster Abbey DLD Group of Colleges, Education Astrum, BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School and many others.


Sep 13, 2016 admin 1692 views