Wall-Street: The Countries Where You Can Go Study Abroad, Without Any Money

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Wall-Street:  The Countries Where You Can Go Study Abroad, Without Any Money

Tens of thousands of young Romanians are studying abroad. Besides these, many more want to have this chance, but money is a problem for them. Except for children from families of managers or successful entrepreneurs, very few young people with medium or low income can afford to sustain the cost of a year of study abroad. wall-street.ro shows you the destinations where they can study without money and with fees similar to those in Romania.

More than 45,000 young Romanians are studying abroad at various educational levels, high schools or universities, and the number is increasing by approximately 20% per year, according to data previously provided by IntegralEdu, a company that provides opportunities to study internationally.

High school and University withouty any money
For families who have the courage to send their children to study since high school years the easiest variant is the academy type of schools in the UK, where tuition is free for some years of study, covering only family accommodation expenses and meals. Also, there are state schools, with free education, and this must cover accommodation and meals.

But you must consider that there are still differences between public and academic schools, the most common being:

  • the number of students in class:  in the private schools and academy type the number of students in class is considerably reduced compared to public schools;
  • Study conditions: private schools and academues have more modern equipment, have more resources dedicated to the study and offer several training programs compared to public schools;
  • there are very few public schools that allow students to be accommodated at home, most state schools are day schools.

Young people who complete high school studies in Romania and want to continue their studies abroad the best universities are taught in English in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland and the Faroe Islands), where fees are fully subsidized by the state .

Also, another country where courses are taught in English is Netherlands and fees in universities are 1,984 euros per year.

If we speak of programs taught in other languages: France, Germany, Italy, Spain have small fees for European students, varying between 600 and 3,500 euros per year.

Although these good choices in financial terms exist, the Romanian parents' top choices remain educational institutions in the UK with taxes of 14000-44000 pounds in high schools, 8500-9000 pounds for a year of college and between 7,000 and £ 40,000 for master's or MBA programs. But here there is a well developed system of loans, according to data provided by IntegralEdu.


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Aug 29, 2016 admin 3799 views