webPR: Hospitality Industry: Why Are Studies In This Field More and More Sought-After

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webPR: Hospitality Industry: Why Are Studies In This Field More and More Sought-After

In universities specialized in hospitality, young people are trained to become professionals in the tourism industry, in customer satisfaction, management and international business. The social and economic changes over the past century have made the costs for travels abroad more affordable. That implicitly led to increased competition in tourism and hotel chains were required to provide more professional services to maintain their positions. This is how hospitality academic studies have developed.


Globally, 9% of existing jobs are in tourism

Statistics show that nearly 9% of existing jobs are in global tourism. One of the countries that exports the most wanted professionals in the hospitality industry is Switzerland. Swiss Education Group (SEG) is the most important concern of hospitality educational university in Switzerland. Founded in 1982, it comprises five academic institutions tourism boards, where they are studying everything related to the hospitality industry, business and management in this area.

Swiss Education Group: over 96% of graduates working for luxury hotels

"As a country located at the crossroads of the most visited countries in Europe, professionals in hospitality trained at Swiss universities are looking for the biggest hotel chains in the world. Annually, teach about 6,500 students, who while studying do and practice hotels partner universities. According to data from SEG, over 95% of graduates working after graduation in the industry of luxury hotels. Almost 90% of them occupy management positions or have their own business in the field since the first 5 years after graduation. in the last 5 years, more than 50 young Romanians were accepted and went to study at universities in the group SEG. We hope that these young people will help increase the number of Romanian specialists in this field, of which the hospitality industry in our country needs so much" said Catalina Arhire, Senior Consultant at IntegralEdu.

Hospitality: hotel management, design and culinary arts

As academic field in the hospitality can be found several subdomains such as hospitality management, hotel design and culinary arts.

Swiss Hotel Management School and Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland, part of SEG are two universities specialized in hospitality tourism management. The latter has its university centers in localities Brig region, Lucerne and Le Bouveret, located near the border with Italy and HitPark with France. Hotel Institute Montreux include in its program of study in hospitality management Swiss experience with the space gained in the US.

Another academic institution hospitality of the Academy of Culinary Arts SEG is where trained chefs in luxury restaurants worldwide. IHTTI School of Hotel Management in Neuchatel is specialized in hotel design. Here students learn what hotel management in terms of interior design, technology and management of the luxury brands.


What you have to do to win a scholarship to the Swiss Education Group, this fall

For young people who want to reach SEG for bachelor or master studies, the group launched a competition for scholarships worth up to 10,000 francs elventieni. The first condition for participation is that participants be applied to one of the SEG programs and realize a video up to two minutes about the field. More details about the contest can learn from IntegralEdu consultants in the following events organized by SEG in Romania.

Free hospitality management workshop

Romanian youth can study in hospitality experience provided by these prestigious institutions in the framework of workshops organized by IntegralEdu. Within these, participants will develop a marketing campaign to promote a business hotel. They will also be able to see a more detailed States SEG universities and study programs they offer, supported by the Swiss Education Group Regional Manager, Tarek Kouatly, along with consultants IntegralEdu.

Those wishing to attend must make a free membership either online www.worlduniversities.ro, in the section dedicated to the event, either directly to the consultant IntegralEdu city where the event takes place.

The workshops will be held in Constanta, on November 14 (IBIS Hotel) in Bucharest, on November 15 (Sheraton Hotel) in Craiova, November 16 (Ramada Plaza Craiova).


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Nov 8, 2016 admin 1597 views